A Fàgail Mhiughalaigh – Leaving Mingulay • Track 04  
Cha Teid Mise I Will Not Go  

Cha teid mise

Nochd dhan bhuaile

Gun da chuman

Gun da bhuarich

M’aighear ’s mo rùn

Oigfhear a chul

Thig orst o’n Chrun

Bonnaid ghorm ur

’S fabhar na cul

I will not go

Tonight to the cattlefold

Without two pales

Without two tethers

My joy and my love

Youth with the curly hair

Given to you from the Crown

A new blue bonnet

With the cockade on the back

Traditional arranged M.MacInnes, B.McAlpine & M.McGoldrick  

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